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Neurofeedback Resources

Suggested Reading

A Symphony in the Brain by Jim Robbins
The Evolution of the New Brain Wave Biofeedback

Offering a wealth of powerful case studies, accessible scientific explanations, and dramatic personal accounts, Robbins journeys through a remarkable field, which he brings to the public eye for the first time.

ADD: The 20-Hour Solution by Mark Steinberg, PhD and Siegfried Othmer, PhD
Training Minds to Concentrate and Self-Regulate Naturally Without Medication

This book will guide parents in how to talk to doctors, therapists, teachers, and others about ADD. It discusses other treatment interventions, and how they might complement Neurofeedback. The book details what parents can do to support treatment, create effective environments, minimize stress and conflict, and get their child on track to healthy adjustment and development.

Online Resources

EEG Info
Neurofeedback training courses and education

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Purchase books and other Neurofeedback related materials