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Kurtis Walton, M.S. LPC

Kurtis Walton is a Professional Licensed Counselor in Alaska, who has been pioneering Symptom Based Infra Low Frequency Neurofeedback (also known as the Othmer Method) with the FDA approved Cygnet Neuro Amp II system for several years. After using this powerful non-invasive therapy to manage his issues of PTSD, Anxiety, ADHD, and Chronic Tinnitus, Kurtis is helping other Alaskan’s discover relief for their physical and mental health issues.

When it comes to education, Kurtis is a continual lifelong learner. In the field of Neurofeedback, he has completed multiple Neurofeedback training courses both in Europe and America. He also has a Master’s of Science, Counseling Psychology from Alaska Pacific University, a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Boise State University with certificates in Mediation, and he has a teaching emphasis from Eastern Washington University. To this day, Kurtis is continuing his education both in the fields of Social Science and Hard Science, with the emphasis in the advancements in Neurofeedback. Neurofeedback provides a fun and powerful non-invasive treatment as a solution to many debilitating symptoms; it also helps those who are looking for more advanced performance training such as athletes and executives.

With more than 40 years of scientific research, the advancements of Neurofeedback can now treat a larger range of issues and do so more quickly. Kurtis has kept up with the advancements of Neurofeedback, which includes the new Cygnet Neuro Amp II that allows for Two Channel HD, Infra-Low Frequency, Synchrony, Couples Synchrony, Alpha Theta Deep State training, and PIRx3 HEG for migraines.

In addition to Neurofeedback, Kurtis is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Certified provider with Advanced Brain Technologies; The Listening Program (TLP). He had worked in a level I.1 Outpatient Therapy for over two years that focused on Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) with The Rational Recovery model instead of the traditional 12-step method. He continues to expand his education with an emphasis on Anxiety and Trauma. Kurtis has worked with a variety of issues from PTSD to ADHD, and Chronic Pain to Insomnia. His years as a teacher, mediator, clinician, and therapist help Kurtis to teach you how to “Help Yourself.”