Alaska Neurofeedback, LLC | Client Stories
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Client Stories

Parent of ADHD, OCD, Autisic Child

Our son is 7 years old and has been diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety (OCD), and is on the high functioning autism spectrum. We actually started neurofeedback hoping to manage his anxiety and hyperactivity and we received more than we bargained for. After only a few weeks of treatment we noticed a drastic change in self-regulation. The bedwetting and “accidents” stopped completely. It’s like he’s now getting the signals loud and clear. His behavior has significantly improved at school too. He’s been able to control the “meltdowns” that used to get him sent to the principal’s office almost on a daily basis. He also laughs a lot more at school too. We are so thankful for Kurtis Walton and Neuro Enlightenment!

An Engineering headache in Anchorage

To be honest I did not have what one would call the best up brining. As a result of stress in my past I developed migraines during my college years and they continued to plague me all the way into my 40’s. Being an “Alpha guy,” and an Engineer, I was skeptical at first about Neurofeedback. However, Mr. Walton at Neuro Enlightenment appeared very knowledgeable and the thought of not doing “talk therapy,” sounded great to me. After the first five sessions the strength of the Migraines reduced by 50%, and the occurrence by 30%. After further sessions they reduced another 50% and I went without one for a week. I used to get them daily. Eventually, they reduced in strength and occurrence so much that when I do get one I barely even notice it. The great part is my stomach does not have to deal with all the head ache medication. I truly find Neurofeedback a great medical alternative.

Sleepless Mom in Alaska

Sleep is hard enough up here in Alaska during our 24 hour daylight summer. It is even worse when one suffers from insomnia. I never had great sleeping habits when I was a child. After my first son was born my sleep started to get worse. By the time my second son was born I knew something needed to be done. I tried the sleeping drugs but they made me droopy and low energy so I could not play with my kids. A friend then told me about Mr. Kurtis Walton and the Neurofeedback he does. She said it helped great with her stress and also resulted in better rest. I gave Neuro Enlightenment a call and set up a consultation. Mr. Walton was very polite and knowledgeable. He made no “miracle cure speech,” but told be what the research has shown and what he has scene personally. I went ahead and purchased a block of 20 sessions for I was desperate. After the second session I began to sleep for an hour easily before I would wake up. As the sessions progressed I actually got a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep for the first-time in years. I may not fully understand Neurofeedback but all I know is it works for me.